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Kyrgyzstan • Money and costs

Money exchange in Kyrgyzstan

National currency of Kyrgyz Republic - som, consist of 100 tyiin.

Banknotes som are: 1 som, 5 som, 10 som, 20 som, 50 som, 100 som, 200 som, 500 som and 1000 som.

Banknotes of tyiin are: 1 tyiin, 10 tyiin, 50 tyiin.

Nowadays tyiins usually are not used.


Kyrgyzstan • Money and costs

Payment cards in Kyrgyzstan

You will not have problem with using of Plastic Card in Bishkek, Osh and Cholpon-Ata. You can get money using cash-machine. You can't use plastic card to pay.

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