Kurgan Terek canyon (Konorchek canyon)

known as the Kyrgyz Creek canyon
Fabien Selosse

Chuy RegionKyrgyzstan • 1508 m

Explore the captivating Kyrgyz Creek Canyon, starting from the iconic "Red Bridge" train bridge. The canyon, carved by the Kurgan Terek River, features stunning red rock formations. 

The hike to the red part of the canyon takes about an hour, following a narrow path along the river where you'll occasionally need to walk in the water. It's advisable to avoid this hike during or after rain due to potential hazards. After an hour, the canyon opens up to reveal magnificent red towers reminiscent of the Creek Canyon. 

Often confused with the nearby Konorchek Canyon, which offers a two-day trek, Kyrgyz Creek Canyon is known for its unique vegetation and sightings of grey partridges. This hike is a great option when traveling to Issyk Kul Lake.