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Arslanbob village

Houses in Arslanbob village
Nomad's Land

Jalal-Abad RegionKyrgyzstan • 1375 m

Arslanbob (written also Arstanpap or Arslanbap) is a wide village in the mountain, north of the city of Jalal Abad. Mainly populated by people of Uzbek ethnicity, the village count about 1500 inhabitants. Arslanbob is good place to relax after an hot journey in Uzbekistan. Mountains, waterfalls, rivers and forest are the main curiosities. 

Nuts forest are legendary because there are certainly originel forest of nuts, and maybe Alexander the Great bring back these nuts to Greece.

The name of Arslanbob comes from the hero names Arstan-Baba.

NGO "Forest relics" is our lodging provider.

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