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Medresa of Barak Khan

TashkentUzbekistan • 460 m

Madrassah of Barak Khan was built in the 16th century under the leadership of the ruler of Tashkent, Navruz Ahmadkhan, grandson of Ulugbek. People considered Navruz Ahmadkhan a lucky ruler, for which they gave him the nickname "Barak Khan" or "Lucky Khan". Since then, the medersa bears the nickname of its founder. The construction of the Madrassah took place in several stages and was completed in 1532. The building of the Barak Khan Madrassah was built opposite the mahalla Khastim, which is considered the center of scientists, philosophers and experts in the 'Islam. For more than five centuries, the Barak Khan Madrasah has symbolized the greatness of the city's history. Until 2007, the Spiritual Administration of Central Asian Muslims was located here.

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