Smoked horse-meat sausage

Kazakh cuisine is the cuisine of Kazakhstan, and traditionally is focused on mutton and horse meat, as well as various milk products. 

The Kuurdak or kurdak is often called the national dish of Kazakhstan. It is a roasted horse offal dish, sheep, cow, including the heart, liver, kidneys and other organs and cut and served with onions and peppers)

Beshbarmak, is the national dish among nomadic Turkic peoples in Central Asia.

The term Beshbarmak means "five fingers", because the dish is eaten with one's hands. The boiled meat is finely chopped with knives, mixed with boiled noodles, and spiced with onion sauce. It is usually served in a big round dish. Beshbarmak is usually served withshorpo – mutton broth in bowls called kese.

The tandyr nan is a baked traditional bread in a tandoor oven. It is popular in the cities of the Silk Road.