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Song Kul's lake freezing

Winter adventure around the Kyrgyz range

A winter in Kyrgyzstan like no other

You will discover the losted shepherds of the Tien Shan range. Yak's farmers are living in difficult conditions but they will open their warm house and yurts, and you will enjoy the Kyrgyz hospitality. After an short hike south of Bishkek, we reach Chong Kemin National Park, before going up to frozen Song Kul lake and enjoy a night in the unique winter yurt camp of the lake.

This tour will be adapted depending on your preferred activity and snow conditions. This program has been designed for lovers of snowshoeing or ski touring accompanied by horses.

A real winter adventure in Kyrgyzstan

An active experience on skis, on snowshoes or on horses for those who want to discover the winter Kyrgyz nomadic life

7 DaysWinter toursKyrgyzstan

Starting from


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            Bishkek - Chong Kemin
Skitouring or snowshoeing in Chunkurchak, and overnight in Chong Kemin
Bishkek - Chong Kemin

Today you will enjoy the pittoresque road linking the high plateau of Chunkurchak where you can enjoy an half-day hiking with snowshoes or ski-touring. In the end of the afternoon, you will drive to the National Parc of Chong Kemin. Overnight and dinner in a local family house.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
170 km
600 m
500 m

            Chong Kemin - Chong Kemin
Backcountry skiing or snowshoeing in the Chong Kemin National Park
Chong Kemin - Chong Kemin

Today you will be able to feel like a Kyrgyz Nomad because you will have a horse that you can ride to higher grounds. You will be able to ski different slopes and get many runs in today. But you can also choose to snowshoe on forest road. Lunch will be had in the mountains with the horseman and your guide. After a full day of horseback riding and touring you will head back to your guesthouse and share dinner with the shepherds family that you are being hosted by.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
10 km
1000 m
1000 m

            Chong Kemin - Kilemche Jailoo
Road from Chong Kemin to Kilemche
Chong Kemin - Kilemche Jailoo

This morning, you leave the National Parc of Chong Kemin, and you take the road by the Boom canyon, a dry and cold place in winter, but colorful. After a low pass, the road goes down to the Orto Tokoy reservoir and the small city of Kochkor. Then the road leave the civilisation and accross the Kyzart pass, and you will have lunch in a shepherd's house in the village of Kyzart. In the afternoon, you will snowshoeing or skiing or horsebackriding into the gorge of Kilemche, a short walk of 6-7 km. Arriving in the high part of the gorge, installation in a shepherd's house. 

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
180 km
250 m
60 m

            Kilemche Jailoo - Tuz Ashuu (Song Kul)
Heading to Song Kul lake
Kilemche Jailoo - Tuz Ashuu (Song Kul)

This morning, we take the path to reach the shores of Lake Song Kul. On skis, snowshoes or on horseback, and depending on the snow conditions, you will choose your favorite activity to reach the immense plateau of Lake Song Kul. All morning, we climb to the Tuz Ashuu pass by road, then from the pass, we descend to the shores of the lake, which we follow to reach our winter camp in yurts.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
13 km
820 m
350 m

            Tuz Ashuu (Song Kul) - Tuz Ashuu (Song Kul)
A winter day on the frozen Song Kul's lake
Tuz Ashuu (Song Kul) - Tuz Ashuu (Song Kul)

Depending on your wishes, you can enjoy snowshoeing, ski-touring, hiking, horseback riding, snowtubbing or just enjoying this losted yurt camp surrounding by snow.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
10 km
200 m
200 m

            Tuz Ashuu (Song Kul) - Bishkek
Skiing in the morning, then drive to Bishkek
Tuz Ashuu (Song Kul) - Bishkek

In the morning, you horseride till the pass of Tuz Ashuu, then you will enjoy 6 km downhill skiing till the Kilemche river where your driver will be waiting for you. Drive to Bishkek. Dinner in the town. Installation in our guesthouse.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
300 km
200 m
1000 m

            Bishkek - Manas International Airport
Transfer from Bishkek to Manas International Airport.
Bishkek - Manas International Airport

Depending on your flight time, your guide will join you to the airport and help you check in for your flight.  If your flight is later in the day your guide will show you more places in Bishkek before your flight. We hope you enjoyed your trip to Kyrgyzstan and we hope you come back again to explore other counties in Central Asia with us. 

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
40 km
0 m
100 m

Superb agency! The chef is great, the team is very competent and versatile and responds very quickly to my questions. This summer, I plan to return there and I am counting on the Nomad's Land team to organize part of my stay. Stay as professional as you are! Goodbye :)

Gulshan EK

A friend who has been living in Khirgistan for some years recommended Nomad’s Land to me and it was one of his best advices! The team is careful about customizing the trip and taking time to define the best program according to the budget and wishes of travelers. They also created a matching group (I came with my partner and we were 5 in total). I got sick during the trip and was not able to go to high altitude so the team reorganized an alternative one in a very short time. So despite this unfortunate event we did not have the feeling of ruined holidays, thanks to their flexibility and local contacts in the country. The whole stay was amazing: trekking, horse riding, learning about the culture and food (and vodka!) and having some rides by car with an excellent driver despite the traffic - hectic sometimes. I recommend without hesitation!


On your way

Chong Kemin National Park KG

This park encompasses the entire Chong Kemin Valley. There are many trails still virgin or almost. Several passes between Issyk Kul Lake or Kitchi Kemin Valley.

The total area is 126,514 hectares. Here in the park the river Chon Kemin flows. More than 780 species of plants grow and rare mammals such as snow leopard, brown bear, maral, Eurasian lynx, golden eagle, himalayan griffon vulture (Gyps himalayensis),  bearded vulture (Gypaetus barbatus), saker falcon and sablefly are found.

Kochkor KG

Kochkor is a town of shepherds located in Naryn oblast 200 km from Bishkek. It is located at 1800m. alt. The city has 17,000 residents. Most of them are shepherds or farmers. With the Kyrgyz hospitality, tourism is an increasingly important for economy. It is a starting point to reach the sights as Lake Song Kul, Sarala-Saz pastures, Lake Koelykoek, the salt mine Chong Tuz, and also the crossroads between Issyk Kul lake and City Naryn. Places for visiting: the women cooperative "Kochkor Kutu" which develops Kyrgyz crafts. Opportunity to see a demonstration of the production of livestock market mouton. The cattle market held each Saturday is always a colorful and lively event,don't miss it.

Kilemche Jailoo KG

Kilemche valley is situated in Jumgal region, at an altitude up to 3240 m., where some nomads families stay even in farms during the winter. It does not have steeps rapids, so it is more like a mountain valley and river flowing quietly and steadily. Kilemche jailoo has amazing beauty of meadows, where it grows a lot of herbs and flowers to delight the eye, like arnica, edelweiss and gentian. Mostly shepherds of the Kyzart village, are covering the Kilemche valley by their yurts and cattle. For some nomads is a 2 steps transhumance before to pass the summer at the Song Kul lake. 

In winter, to get there is an epic adventure, with Nomad's Land you can enjoy horseback riding, shnow-shoeing, ski-touring or just hiking. The snow makes an beautiful contrast with red south side mountain of Kyzart Toer. The life there is hard, and mostly yaks will pass the winter there. To make your trip more adventurous, you can enjoy a night under yurt at the Song Kul's lake.


What is included

  • All transportation in a private vehicle

  • All airport transfers

  • Accommodation as described in the program

  • Meals (3 per day)

  • Bottled water & tea

  • English-speaking IFMGA ski touring tour leader

  • All the activities listed in the program

  • Entry fees at national parks and/or border zones listed in the program

  • Entry fees at museums and historical sites listed in the program

  • Domestic flights mentioned in the program

  • A contribution to our sustainable development projects

  • Organisation of the trip & local taxes

What is not included

  • International flights

  • International banking fees (PayPal, ...)

  • Travel & repatriation insurance

  • Visas / LOI (if applicable)

  • Alcoholic and soft drinks

  • Personal expenses

  • Personal equipment (sleeping bag, headlight, personal medication, etc)

  • Additional costs due to unexpected personal events (health, loss of luggage, ...)

  • Tips for guide & driver (always optional, always appreciated)

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